3 Questions to Ask About Your Digital Strategy

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1. Are We Catering the Call to Action? – Digital Strategy Questions

It is imperative to cater the call to action to the type of campaign. Yes, this may seem rudimentary, but due to the amount of fragmentation within the digital landscape, it can be time consuming for a large scale digital campaign. For example, if your team is executing a mobile in-app campaign, and the KPI is to obtain downloads of an Android and iOS mobile app, catering the CTA is extremely important. Rather than giving the user an option to select “Download on Android” or “Download on iOS”, target by operating system and cater the message specifically to Android or iOS users .Therefore streamlining the path to download, only giving the user the CTA to the operating system their device is running.


2. Are We Over Extending Ourselves with Social Media Management? – Digital Strategy Questions

The social media landscape is constantly changing. Just because Snapchat is the new trend at the moment, does not mean that your social team should be allocating time and resources towards managing a Snapchat account. New social networks are often less measurable. Therefore do a small test, on emerging social networks, but be risk averse by analyzing data and determining if new networks are a fit for your brand. Rather than be a jack of all trades, create a primary and a secondary focus and stick to “The Plan”.


3. Do We Need to Put More Emphasis on Acquisition? – Digital Strategy Questions

“There is a seemingly insatiable appetite for downloading and using mobile applications, or apps, that has created a huge opportunity for their development. The total number of new apps that get introduced is over 2,300 each day and over 70,000 each month” (source, ICTC). Therefore acquisition and getting people to actually use applications is difficult. Paid app acquisition should definitely be on the radar for 2015. Not only are apps an excellent opportunity for brands, email marketing also offers a way to reach people who are interested in your brand. Personally, I only subscribe to online stores that I enjoy purchasing items from and do not feel that their messaging is “spammy”, and I actually buy things based on email marketing promotions that are sent to my inbox. Market your email acquisition the proper way and it will help increase sales and brand loyalty. Mobile is also a big part of email acquisition, according to Marketing Land “nearly half of all email opens are happening on smartphones. Another 17 percent are happening on tablets and the remaining 34 percent are happening on PCs”. Mobile based acquisition campaigns should not be ignored, when bolstering your email marketing list.


Author Profile – Drew Thachuk Drew has worked with companies ranging from an NFC technology start up to a Blackberry Elite Alliance member. He was part of a start-up team, which was selected to attend the Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland . Currently, he works withPMM Inc. , an organization that leverages social/mobile gaming, mobile in-app advertising and digital marketing tactics to deliver engaging solutions for their clients. Play Money Media’s specialties include, user acquisition, mobile rich display, in-game engagements and HD mobile video.

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