3 Hyper Local Targeting Tactics to Help Increase Sales

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Hyper local targeting has become a very powerful tactic for digital marketers. The influx of mobile apps and mobile optimized websites has increased the value of hyper-local targeting and allows marketers to reach consumers on their desktop as well as their mobile devices within a certain radius of a desired location. Hyper Local display advertising gives brands the opportunity to target areas by latitude/longitude or postal code, therefore if a person is browsing a website or app on a mobile device or desktop device and they are within the desired radius, they will be exposed to brand messaging via display advertising.

1. Target a Radius around an Event or Trade Show – 3 Hyper Local Targeting Tactics

Have you ever wanted to attend an event or trade show, in order to gain some traction for your brand, but did not have the budget to buy a booth and the time to generate marketing materials? Forget the expensive print materials and run a hyper local marketing campaign around an event or trade show. This can be done fairly cost efficiently. Also, a hyper-local mobile campaign can be a beautiful addition to a booth at a trade show. Either way, make sure the call to action is compelling and provides something that is contextual to the event.

THOUGHT STARTER: An amazing event or trade show is on the other side of the country but you still would like to leverage the contextual audience, without having a booth at the event of trade show.

Run a mobile banners campaign, within a 5km radius, therefore you can still hit the audience who may be staying in hotels. Make sure the call to action is a white paper, contest, giveaway or the destination URL has some engaging content. It will be difficult to get mass inventory so use the radius as a contextual targeting tool, rather than a mass reach tool.

THOUGHT STARTER: A consumer packaged goods brand has a booth at trade show or event…

If you are a consumer packaged goods brand, and you are doing giveaways at a “Food and Drink” show, create a 2km radius around the event and run 320×50, 300×50 and 480×320 ad units, which raise awareness about your booth, and the give-aways that your team is providing. i.e. “Come see us at Booth 329, for a free sample etc.”


2. Target a Radius Around a Competitor’s Location – 3 Hyper Local Targeting Tactics

Brand’s are always competing for customers, therefore the competitive landscape calls for unique and tactical marketing strategies. Targeting a radius around a competitors location is fairly straight forward, but may take some time and resources, so be prepared.

THOUGHT STARTER: A quick serve restaurant is looking to get more people in store and obtain some market share going into a seasonal period, which is very competitive.

Determine the postal codes, and longitude/latitude of your competitors locations. Select a specific market with about 10-20 locations. Create a 5km radius around those locations and deliver mobile advertising that has a coupon call to action. You cannot go wrong with a “buy one get one” “free x with x” etc. Just make sure you are ready for the in-store coupon redemption.


3. Target Affluent Areas of a City or Market – 3 Hyper Local Targeting Tactics

Everyone knows the affluent areas in their neighbourhood. How do you reach those markets? Direct mail? Hyper-local marketing offers a more measurable and engaging opportunity than direct mail, and the opportunity to deliver media rich advertising, with lead generation that is immediate.

THOUGHT STARTER: A premium import automotive brand is looking to target affluent areas of Canada, and increase test drives at their dealer locations.

Determine 10-20 affluent markets in Canada, and create a 10km radius around those markets. Deliver mobile messaging that is focused on “scheduling a test drive” and “finding the closest dealer”.


If done correctly, hyper local marketing is a very powerful tool, but it must be done with a specific goal in mind, and with a tactical approach. Make sure you source a vendor who is able to obtain the proper reach for your brand. It is important to work with a partner who is able to use an aggregate marketing approach and leverage the power of multiple ad networks, in order to achieve results.


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