Four Ways Reverb Strategy Optimize’s Paid Media Dollars.

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1. Establish Digital Goals

Measurement is the key to successful paid digital media campaigns. We will get to know your business, ask the right questions, and determine your business objectives. Once we have had an open discussion with the necessary stakeholders, we will work with your team to create digital goals. For example, if you are a realtor looking to develop your brand and drive new client leads, we would suggest having video views, form fills, listing views and visits to the contact page as on site engagement goals. Goals are subjective to each and every organization, therefore give us a shout if you would like to chat. Ask for Drew!!

2. Track On Site Activity and Re-engage

Tracking engagement, post click, post site visit, and post view is an integral part of paid media success. Our team of experts focuses on tracking on site engagement, and serving contextual content to users based on the level of engagement. For example, if your business is focused on Financial Management, and a user visited the Mutual Funds section of your website, we would suggest remarketing to usesr who have expressed interest in Mutual Funds and serve “paid digital media” that focuses on the benefits of Mutual Funds and how they may be able to help the users RRSP and Tax Planning.

3. Provide Weekly Reports to Analyze Effectiveness

Paid digital media can be somewhat overwhelming. That said, based on your goals we will align reports to meet your needs and simplify communication. Our mandate is to provide reports with purpose and highlight key performance indicators. For example, within the weekly report, we may notice that your click through rates increased during the month of May. This could be attributed to other forms of marketing or a seasonal spike in brand awareness. We will spot the necessary trends and highlight them for analysis.

4. Load Balance Paid Digital Media Investment’s based on Performance

We like to look at a paid media strategy as an “Investment Portfolio”.  Similar to Investment Portfolio’s, paid digital media portfolio’s also require load balancing. We always suggest “test and learn” strategies. For example, if we originally went to market with a Video and Display advertising campaign, but noticed that video completion rates were low and based on “goal analysis” your team was not seeing a strong ROI, we would analyze the numbers and load balance your digital investment portfolio to best suit your goals.

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