Data Driven Decision Making

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Our experts ask the right questions, and work with internal stakeholders to determine your audience, acquisitions, behavior and conversions. We take a customer centric approach during the discovery stages in order to create a data driven solution, which has a high return on investment.

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Once a holistic data driven approach is established, we determine the best tracking, ad serving and software solutions for your team. We help eliminate the headaches of a fragmented digital ecosystem, and provide a set-up solution that is catered to your defined objectives.

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A data foundation is crucial when trafficking a website. Upon completion of the setup stages, we begin trafficking campaign's with paid and organic visitors. Traffic is subjective to each client, and we will work with your team to establish an audience that best fits your defined goals and objectives.

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Setting up a data driven holistic approach allows us to analyze our client’s digital investments, which allows stakeholders to determine the success of paid and organic campaigns. We react based on data analysis and take an agile approach to digital marketing.


We analyze your current audience, and determine if there are solutions that can help increase acquisition and conversion. Based on an in depth analysis of your data, we will propose paid, earned and owned tactics to reach your ideal audience.


Where is your web traffic coming from? Is the traffic optimized towards your defined goals and objectives? We will look deeply into your traffic acquisition and optimize your audience acquisition based on data analysis.


Behaviour analysis is an integral part of digital strategy. Are your visitors exiting your site on particular page? Is your bounce rate higher than you would like? We help establish user behaviour and provide solutions to help optimize your audience, acquisition and conversions.


Conversions are subjective to each customer. They are broken out into 4 main classifications, which include destination, event, duration on site/app, and pages/screens per session. Based on your objectives, we can help establish a conversion strategy that best suits your needs.

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