4 Reasons Tablets Benefit Salepeople

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The emergence of tablet computing has created a tremendous opportunity for sales managers. They now have the ability to arm their sales force with powerful, media rich devices that are less obtrusive than laptops. Tablets act as a presentation tool that enables front line sales people to educate clients , and prospective clients on complex products through data visualizations and other forms of media.

Sales people can share information with clients via tablet

Product catalogs can be large, heavy and hard to navigate. Tablets allow sales people to share information within catalogs quickly, while incorporating hi res images and interactive content.

Pull up information quickly

Unlike catalogs, which involve flipping through pages, tablet applications can incorporate a search function and allow quick navigation between multiple products.

Use graphics to help tell a story in a way that is very memorable

Printing high resolution photos can be extremely costly. Tablets applications allow sales people to tell a story and engage customers.

Visual conversations

A visual conversation allows sales people to explain their product, while using visual representations. Therefore visuals of products may spark a conversation and lead to more billings.

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