The Digital Marketing “To Do List” in 2015

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Device Agnostic Owned Media – Digital Marketing to do List 2015

Newsflash! Mobile and tablets are a huge part of consumer behaviour and digital marketing. If your brands owned media is not device agnostic, stop reading this article and start planning. Owned media that is not mobile or tablet friendly, seriously hinders paid media innovation.

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Create Quality Content – Digital Marketing to do List 2015

Content creation(not orange) is the new black. Keep in mind, quality content is crucial. If your team is creating mediocre content with spelling mistakes and bad headlines, or you were just saying in your head “I do not have time to write content” stop what you are doing and read this article . Content is the foundation of a beautiful paid, owned, and earned strategy.

RTB/Programmatic – Digital Marketing to do List 2015

You have probably heard a lot about RTB and Programmatic in 2014 (Every conference I go to is talking about viewable ad units). Quit talking about it and execute a strategy that is viewable, and has a combination of traditional, rising star, media rich and large format ad units. Also, think about layering 3rd party data on top of your campaigns. An example of 3rd party data would be to use a “data provider”, which focuses on consumers with automative purchase intent, and target consumers with insurance messaging. Content creation adds an additional layer to RTB/Programmatic because retargeting pixels can be place on page and people who visit “created content” can be passively retargeted. The aforementioned is in Lehman’s terms, for more info fly me a note

In-app Display and Video – Digital Marketing to do List 2015

In-app display and video differentiates from RTB/Programmatic, because in-app offers a more immersive user experience(other things as well, drop me a note). In-app media allows brands to build ad units that have an “app style” feel and offer a high level of engagement. Keep in mind apps are software, not browser based web pages. “In-app” should be a specific focus, rather than blending the strategy in with RTB/Programmatic

In-Game Media – Digital Marketing to do List 2015

In game media offers a unique and fun way to reach a mass audience. Users are immersed in the user experience, and are engaged by video, interstitials and media rich ad units. According to eMarketer, mobile gaming has experienced 97% growth from 2010 to 2013, and is expected to another 16.4 percent by the end of 2014. Social gaming has had 53% growth from 2010 to 2013, and is expected to grow 5.6% by end of 2014.

Native Advertising – Digital Marketing to do List 2015

Create content and use native advertising! That is all lol, read a great article here.

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