4 Reasons to Implement Paperless Tablet Solutions

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Tablets have become an incredible success within the consumer market, but have yet to be fully leveraged within the B2B sector. Why not leverage paperless tablet solutions? Think about the amount of trees we could save (Click here if you would like to donate to WWF Canada). Below are a few reasons small, medium and enterprise organizations should utilize mobile and tablets to go paperless and create measurable business metrics.

Naturally Inherited Skillset

Tablets utilize the same operating systems as smartphones, therefore the majority of employees will understand how to operate a tablet and minimal training will be required. Currently the majority of smartphone users in Canada and the US are either on Google Android or Apple iOS, with the majority of users user iPhone and Samsung hardware.
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Media Documentation

Filling out a description of a problem accurately and precisely can take a great deal of time. Luckily, tablets are armed with cameras and video capture that can be built into a custom form or data capture system. This allows organizations to improve documentation and reduce liability. For example, a foremen  on a large construction site or in the Fort McMurray oil fields can document an injury to field staff,  a malfunction with a gasket,

No Connection Required

Anecdotally, all tablet data capture and forms should be developed to run specifically off the device it is programmed for. Therefore native mobile software should be used rather than browser based solutions. Unlike browser based solutions, native software is programmed to run of the device rather than the web, which allows the application to capture and store data without a Internet connection.

Ability to Lockdown the Tablet Device

Organizations that require a field force team to utilize the tablets can easily request a mobile developer to lock down the device. This will prevent users from entering any other applications, meaning that the use will only have access to the paperless data capture system and not be able to access social networks, email, or browsers.



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