3 Reasons Industrial/Oil and Gas Companies Should Implement a Mobile Strategy

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A mobile strategy for an oil and gas company offers incredible toolsets for engineers and project managers. Having a direct plan can help increase compliance, create large amounts of structured data and reduce environmental impact.

Mobile Strategy Advantage #1 – Integrated set of inspections using existing photo/video technology

Mobile photo technology can be a very powerful tool. Photography combined with mobile applications can allow industrial professionals,that are in the field, to take high resolution photos or video and attach it alongside their written findings. A mobile software solution provides an integrated set on inspection tools which allows pictures to  be used as an reference tool. A digital trail can help organizations document their findings and creates a diversified strategy that can help reduce liability.

Example: During an assembly line inspection, engineers and managers can take pictures through their tablet or smartphone and send them to a centralized platform that will enable review by other stakeholders. A mobile app can keep all the information in one place and allow for shorter communication lines.

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Mobile Strategy Advantage #2 – Transmit data from the field to the office in real time and convert it into final documentation

Documentation is crucial for industrial organizations. Increased mobile and tablet technology has created an opportunity for engineers and industrial professionals to document data through custom fillable forms and send data in real-time to a centralized servers, maintaining worldwide stakeholder relations.

Example: Oil and Gas companies can arm their scientists and engineers with a tablet or smartphone with customized data entry templates that will allow them to document information from tailing ponds, which will send the information directly to a central location. This avoids expensive administration costs and benefits integrated water, air and biodiversity programs.

Mobile Strategy

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Mobile Strategy Advantage #3 – Deliver video and audio feedback

Writing notes and documenting information can be very time consuming. Creating an app that will allow industrial professionals to do job site walk arounds, while documenting video and audio can be extremely beneficial.

Example: A commercial construction job is about to be completed but the stakeholders are out of town getting ready for another project. A mobile application allows the project manager to do a walk around video or take pictures with audio attached, which can be uploaded to a centralized location for stakeholders to monitor.

The Bottom Line

Mobile apps allow industrial organizations to integrate all of the features of a smartphone and tablet, which will allow industrial professionals to easily communicate goals and objectives with the necessary stakeholders. Communication is a key aspect to successful project completion. Therefore mobile application technology offers the integrated communication necessary to provide a sustainable competitive advantage. Traditional methods of communication, such as email, provide sufficient communication but often fail to inform all stakeholders. A custom mobile application integrates communication through video, audio and media. Media rich communication tools keeps everyone on the same page and provides detailed information that can be referenced.

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