The Must Have News Reader App for iOS Android BB10 …hopefully

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The majority of people love reading today’s popular blogs and some may argue that they provide higher quality content than many of today’s traditional media providers. Although blogs offer excellent written material, they require a significant amount of browsing because the content is extremely fragmented, due to the focused nature of many popular blogs. Thankfully the developers from Alphonso Labs created an incredible app which aggregates some of the world wide webs top blog into a intuitive, user friendly mobile user interface. Below highlights what separates Pulse News Reader from the mass amount of news readers available

Content, Content, Content Ohhh and did I mention Content

Content rules the digital world, especially when it comes down to creating a competitive advantage. Pulse has managed to aggregate some of the worlds best content into one simple to use application. They recently released an updated version, which included a redesign and multiple new sources. Pulse offers everything from food to politics and I am sure that everyone will be able to cater the content to their needs. The great thing about pulse is that it provides the mainstream content alongside the more obscure and niche blogs that many people may not have stumbled across.

Customization, Caters to Every Audience

Unlike traditional media, which dictates the content provided, Pulse allows the user to customize their experience. A la carte media consumption is a new trend and the pulse app has perfected how to deliver it to their users.

Available blogs via Pulse:

iOS Android BB10

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The Slick User Interface and Immersive User Experience

Many newsreaders are available through various app stores but lack the user friendly interface that pulse provides. It is pretty hard to ignore the amazing look and feel of the application. All you have to do is download it to see what kind of experience it delivers

“Adding to Favorites” is Seamless

Since the application is downloaded to your device or you are logged in to an account “adding to favorites” is incredibly easy. If you are anything like me, you come across articles that you want to read but may not be in the right mindset. Pulse is great for the “read later” type!

Socially Integrated

Lately, I have been on a big twitter binge, so naturally I am constantly looking for relevant content. Pulse allows users to sign-in with their social profiles and share from within the app. There is nothing worse than having a great app that isn’t social…luckily Pulse gets it.

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